Dec 302009

On this final weekend of NFL football action, I would like to thank those of you that has helped us to grow into one the most popular NFL sites around.  I say this with great excitement and anticipation for the years to come.  Our readership has really grown in this first year of our website, and I thank you all for that.  Please do bookmark, subscribe, or otherwise visit our content in the offseason as well.  We will be posting news and predictions for the coming year, as well as some various other surprises.

We will be posting full game previews, predictions and content throughout the NFL playoffs and every match up will be broken down.  Please check back for all of this as we should be on top of the coverage in a big way.  Good luck to you all in your office pools and tournaments.

As always, picks against the spread will be at the end of the column and winners are in bold.

That said, lets not waste another moment…. Here are your NFL picks and predictions for the final week of the regular season:


Indianapolis at Buffalo –  The Colts have every reason to simply sit their starters and get healthy for the playoffs.  In spite of the drama over the undefeated season and such, the Colts coaching staff did the right thing.  The Super Bowl is the important thing, and they are set and ready.  For the Colts, even the second string will likely handle the Bills.  Sad for the Bills really… they were hoping for big things this season.

Winner – Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville at Cleveland- The Browns are showing signs that they might be a decent team in the years to come.  Problem is, they have been doing that for years in the past as well.  Maybe the Browns can pull this one out, but my guess is the Jaguars will be a bit irritated and put up some points.  Jags all the way in this one.

Winner – Jacksonville Jaguars

Chicago at Detroit- The Lions are really bad.  The Chicago Bears are less bad.  Nuff said.

Winner – Chicago Bears

San Francisco at St. Louis- The San Francisco 49ers are a team that will  make some noise next year if they fill in a few gaps.  The Rams are facing years of problems unless they go crazy and revamp the whole deal.  Chances are, this will be ugly.

Winner – San Francisco 49ers

Pittsburgh at Miami- This game will be hotly contested, but the Steelers will likely walk away the winners.  They are desperately trying to salvage a playoff spot, and they are known for coming up big when they need it.

Winner – Pittsburgh Steelers

NY Giants at Minnesota-  The Giants flopped in a big way this season, and it was not really a surprise to me.  This team was overrated when the season began.  I expect the Vikings will right the ship and win a big one right before the playoffs begin.  Brett has been known to do that.

Winner – Minnesota Vikings

Atlanta at Tampa Bay-  Though Tampa won a big game last week, they will struggle against the Falcons.  The Falcons are built for speed on the outside with their wide outs and Matt Ryan has shown that he is out of the funk from earlier this season.  While the Bucs are much better with Josh Freeman in there, they will still fall to the Falcons.

Winner – Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans at Carolina-  The Panthers are no pushovers as two victories against the Giants and Vikings have proven.  Still, they are dismissed as the other team “not playing up to their abilities” instead.  The truth is, the Panthers are really that good.  Some horrible breaks this season stopped the Panthers, along with Jake Delhomme staying under center way too long.  Whatever the case, this new Panther squad will whip the Saints as well, and show the NFL that they are going to be a force in 2010.  

Winner – Carolina Panthers

New England at Houston- The Patriots are notorious for getting hot late in the season, and this year is no different.  They will roll over the Texans, in spite of the Texans fighting for a playoff spot.  Maybe next year Texan fans.

Winner – New England Patriots

Green Bay at Arizona-  This game is going to be fun, but I think the Cards will win it in a shootout.  I do not expect much defense and the Cards to win by about a touchdown.  I do think that the Cardinals and the Packers are going to be good in the playoffs by the way, but not sure if they will advance.  We will see when the matchups come out.

Winner – Arizona Cardinals

Washington at San Diego- The Chargers are simply a force at the moment.  The Skins are not.  Easy pick here, even if the Chargers rest some folks.

Winner – San Diego Chargers

Tennessee at Seattle- The Titans are one heck of a story in 2009.  From the best to the worst, and now back to among the best.  They are a team that simply pushed the envelope too long before winning.  They will be back next year in the middle of everything.  This game will be a whupping for the Seahawks.

Winner – Tennessee Titans

Baltimore at Oakland-  The Ravens must win and the Raiders, though tough, are going down.

Winner – Baltimore Ravens

Philadelphia at Dallas- Got to love those NFC East match ups near the end of the season.  Who will win the division?  Though the Eagles are the popular pick, and it is easy to understand why, I think the Cowboys are going to steal it at home.  This will be a game that will define Tony Romo even further.  God help him if he plays a bone head game….

Winner – Dallas Cowboys

Kansas City at Denver- Denver recovers…..but will it be too late?

Winner – Denver Broncos

Cincinnati at NY Jets-  The Jets are a team that many are predicting will be the surprise of the playoffs.  I think inexperience will get them in the end, but they will survive this game.

Winner – NY Jets

Against the Spread Picks (Winners in Bold)

Date & Time

1/3 1:00 ET At Buffalo -6.5 Indianapolis

1/3 1:00 ET At Carolina -4.5 New Orleans

1/3 1:00 ET At Cleveland -1.5 Jacksonville

1/3 4:15 ET At Dallas -3 Philadelphia

1/3 1:00 ET Chicago -3 At Detroit

1/3 1:00 ET At Houston -8 New England

1/3 1:00 ET Pittsburgh -3 At Miami

1/3 1:00 ET At Minnesota -9 NY Giants

1/3 8:20 ET At NY Jets -10 Cincinnati

1/3 1:00 ET San Francisco -7 At St. Louis

1/3 1:00 ET Atlanta -2.5 At Tampa Bay

1/3 4:15 ET At Arizona -3.5 Green Bay

1/3 4:15 ET At Denver -13 Kansas City

1/3 4:15 ET Baltimore -10.5 At Oakland

1/3 4:15 ET At San Diego -4 Washington

1/3 4:15 ET Tennessee -4 At Seattle

Week Sixteen Straight Up – 12 – 4

Season Record Straight Up – 153 – 87

Week Sixteen Against the Spread – 11 – 5

Season Record Against the Spread – 41 – 39

Dec 222009

Thanks for joining us once again for the NFL Week 16 picks and predictions.  We are once again going to pick against the spread as well as straight up, and hopefully will have better luck than in week 15.  Still the season average straight up is very good.  Hopefully we can put you in the winner’s circle this week like previous weeks.  Without further ado, let’s dive into week 16 NFL picks and predictions right now! (Picks against the spread are at the end of the column.

San Diego at Tennessee – The Bolts look unstoppable lately, and the Titans are surely going to be a fun match up.  What was once considered to be a laugher match up now has some serious appeal.

Winner – San Diego Chargers


Buffalo at Atlanta - What means nothing in the standings means everything to the Falcons as far as breaking a record.  The Falcons have not had back to back winning seasons in like 2000 years.  They will fight for this one.

Winner – Atlanta Falcons

Kansas City at Cincinnati - This game should be a blowout but I have a feeling that it will be close.  Keep an eye out for those Chiefs next year.

Winner – Cincinnati Bengals

Oakland at Cleveland- The Browns?  I am picking the Browns?  Who got in my head this week?

Winner – Cleveland Browns

Seattle at Green Bay- The Packers had better win this one, or else they might just get kicked out of Lambeau.

Winner – Green Bay Packers

Baltimore at Pittsburgh- The Steelers have been given one final chance to save the season.  They will get it done at home.

Winner – Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston at Miami- The Dolphins are no joke, and they will put it on the Texans this week.

Winner – Miami Dolphins

Jacksonville at New England- New England needs a good showing this week in a big way.  The Jaguars are a team that you never know what you will get.

Winner – New England Patriots

Tampa Bay at New Orleans- New Orleans will wrap up the number one seed in a tidy little ball this week.

Winner – New Orleans Saints

Carolina at NY Giants- The Panthers are going to put a hurting on the G-Men and take away that potential playoff spot.  This will further the feuding for next year.

Winner – Carolina Panthers

Detroit at San Francisco- San Francisco will pick up the win in a game nobody cares about.

Winner – San Francisco 49ers

St. Louis at Arizona- Arizona Rolls.  Like everyone that plays the Rams this year.

Winner – Arizona Cardinals

NY Jets at Indianapolis- The Colts move closer to perfection.

Winner – Indianapolis Colts

Denver at Philadelphia- The Eagles are on a roll and I doubt that anyone will stop them soon.  Not until they face the Saints in the playoffs, or McNabb gets hurt.

Winner – Philadelphia Eagles

Dallas at Washington- Dallas is heating up at the wrong time.  Maybe they won’t choke this year after all.  Nahh…  they will… just not yet.

Winner – Dallas Cowboys


Minnesota at Chicago- The Vikings will recover with a huge win in Chicago.

Winner – Minnesota  Vikings

Tiebreaker Score – Minnesota Vikings 28  Chicago Bears  21

Winner in Bold for the spread picks below:

12/25 7:30 ET At Tennessee -3 San Diego
12/27 1:00 ET At Green Bay -14 Seattle
12/27 1:00 ET At Cleveland -3.5 Oakland
12/27 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -14 Kansas City
12/27 1:00 ET At Atlanta -9 Buffalo
12/27 1:00 ET At Miami -3 Houston
12/27 1:00 ET At NY Giants -7 Carolina
12/27 1:00 ET At New Orleans -14 Tampa Bay
12/27 1:00 ET At New England -7.5 Jacksonville
12/27 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -2.5 Baltimore
12/27 4:15 ET At Philadelphia -7 Denver
12/27 4:05 ET At Arizona -14 St. Louis
12/27 4:05 ET At San Francisco -12 Detroit
12/27 4:15 ET At Indianapolis -5.5 NY Jets
12/27 8:20 ET Dallas -7 At Washington

Monday Night Football Point Spread

12/28 8:35 ET Minnesota -7 At Chicago

Week Fifteen Straight Up – 9 – 7

Season Record Straight Up – 141 – 83

Week Fifteen Against the Spread – 6 – 10

Season Record Against the Spread – 30 – 34

Dec 152009

This past week has been a tough one here at NFL Picks and Predictions and so time is at a premium.  My apologies for the short and quick descriptions as I am pushed for time.  Next week I will get back to analyzing the games a bit more.  As usual, the spread picks are at the end of the column and are in bold.  Here is to hoping your holidays are a great!  Without further ado, here are your week fifteen NFL picks:

Indianapolis at Jacksonville – The Jaguars showed their true colors last week.  Colts in a romp.
Winner – Indianapolis Colts

Dallas at New Orleans- The Cowboys are toast.  As usual in December….
Winner – New Orleans Saints

SUN, DEC 20 New England at Buffalo-  New England barely feels the road bump…
Winner – New England Patriots

Arizona at Detroit- The Cardinals recover from the butt whupping from San Francisco last week…
Winner – Arizona Cardinals

Miami at Tennessee - The Titans get some good old fashioned revenge…
Winner – Tennessee Titans

Cleveland at Kansas City- The Chiefs win, and all ten people see it….
Winner – Kansas City Chiefs

Houston at St. Louis- The Texans win, and the Rams move closer to that golden draft pick.
Winner – Houston Texans

Atlanta at NY Jets- The Jets win a big one for their playoff chances, but only because of injuries in Atlanta.
Winner – NY Jets

San Francisco at Philadelphia- Philadelphia keeps a rolling…
Winner – Philadelphia Eagles

Chicago at Baltimore- Baltimore defense + Jay Cutler at quarterback =  Ravens massacre
Winner – Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati at San Diego- San Diego holds off the Bengals
Winner – San Diego Chargers

Oakland at Denver- Denver wins an important game for their season.
Winner – Denver Broncos

Green Bay at Pittsburgh- Green Bay makes the Steelers hurt even more.
Winner – Green Bay Packers

Tampa Bay at Seattle- Seattle wins one at home.
Winner – Seattle Seahawks

Minnesota at Carolina- The Vikings romp…
Winner – Minnesota Vikings

NY Giants at Washington- The Giants hold off a game Washington squad trying to play spoiler…..

Winner – NY Giants

Tiebreaker Score – NY Giants 23 – Washington 14

12/17 8:20 ET Indianapolis -2.5 At Jacksonville

12/19 8:20 ET At New Orleans -7 Dallas

12/20 4:15 ET At Pittsburgh -1 Green Bay

12/20 1:00 ET At Tennessee -3 Miami

12/20 1:00 ET New England -7 At Buffalo

12/20 1:00 ET Arizona -12 At Detroit

12/20 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -9 San Francisco

12/20 1:00 ET At NY Jets -6 Atlanta

12/20 1:00 ET At Baltimore -10.5 Chicago

12/20 1:00 ET At Kansas City -2 Cleveland

12/20 1:00 ET Houston -10.5 At St. Louis

12/20 4:05 ET At San Diego -6.5 Cincinnati

12/20 4:05 ET At Denver -14 Oakland

12/20 4:15 ET At Seattle -7 Tampa Bay

12/20 8:20 ET Minnesota -9 At Carolina

Monday Night Football Point Spread

12/21 8:35 ET NY Giants -3 At Washington

Week Fourteen Straight Up – 10 – 6

Season Record Straight Up – 132 – 76

Week Fourteen Against the Spread – 10 – 6

Season Record Against the Spread – 24 – 24

Dec 102009

Who in their right mind would have ever thought the Cleveland Browns were going to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?  Outside of the city of Cleveland, I would guess that nobody would.  Especially with the Steelers season on the line.  Still, the Browns literally smacked the Steelers around and gave a much-needed boost of optimism to the Browns fans.  The Steelers have to be wondering what in the world happened.  A few short weeks ago they seemed to be in full control and ready to head back to the playoffs.  Not anymore.

The Steelers are now looking for answers from somewhere.  Anywhere….

None of the Steelers are looking like they much know what is going on.  They all seem to be stuck in a funk like they were sleepwalking through the back half of the NFL schedule.  Something  just does not feel right in Steeler country.  It remains to be seen whether heads will roll over this, but I would hope not.  Mike Tomlin has been a stand up coach for Pittsburgh and I would hate to see him take the fall on this.  Still, in the “what have you done for me lately” NFL, it would not be a complete shocker.

On a side note, Brady Quinn still does not look like an NFL quarterback.  He managed the game and did not turn the ball over, but that is not going to be nearly enough.  This is especially true in a city like Cleveland.  It will be interesting to see how the season hammers out in Cleveland as well.  They have a nice young nucleus of talent in Cleveland and I would think they have some things to build on.  I am not sure if that includes Brady Quinn or not.  I once was a big fan, but he has looked pretty bad this year in his chances to shine.

As for Pittsburgh, I guess it is back to the drawing board.  I really never saw this coming, but congratulations to the Browns.  They really needed something to cheer about.

Dec 082009

Week 14 NFL picks and predictions comes to you this week with playoff implications abound. Every game seems to have some type of bearing on the playoff picture, and this is the time of year when NFL football is the greatest. As usual, we are picking against the spread and also straight up. Spread picks are at the end of the article, with the winners in bold. Please leave comments and tell me what you think! Do not forget to subscribe so you can get this information every single week!

Here are the NFL Picks and Predictions for Week 14:

Pittsburgh at Cleveland – The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns has always been a rivalry that was worth watching. In a very upside down 2009 NFL football season, The Pittsburgh Steelers are actually struggling as we approach playoffs. This is not something that Steeler fans are accustomed to experiencing. The Cleveland Browns fans, however, are completely used to the horrible season that they are experiencing. I expect Pittsburgh will take out some frustrations on Cleveland during week 14.

Winner – Pittsburgh Steelers


New Orleans at Atlanta- New Orleans survived a real scare back in week 13 against the Washington Redskins and now they head into a even more formidable game against Atlanta. Tradition would say that the Saints are ripe for a defeat, but this is no traditional NFL football season. The New Orleans Saints will recover in a big way this week against Atlanta, as they motor towards a record breaking undefeated 2009 season.

Winner – New Orleans Saints

Green Bay at Chicago- This is one football game that the Green Bay Packers have got to be dreading. The Chicago Bears always played them tough regardless of how difficult their season has been. Green Bay did look wonderful on Monday night football against the ravens, and I expect that they will handle the Bears and head towards a playoff fight in the NFC. Chicago has got to be shaking their heads and wondering what in the world happened in 2009. Jay Cutler was supposed to be their savior right?

Winner – Green Bay Packers

NY Jets at Tampa Bay- Tampa Bay against the Jets is really a showcase of two of the better young quarterbacks to come out of the draft this year. Mark Sanchez has certainly had his ups and downs with the New York Jets, but he has still managed to hold onto his position and keep the Jets in the neighborhood. Josh Freeman however has come out of nowhere. This young quarterback has got to be giving Tampa Bay fans something to look forward to in the years to come. If he can just learn when to go for the big play, and more importantly when not to, then he will become a better than average NFL quarterback. This game could go either way, but I am going with the Jets.

Winner – New York Jets

Miami at Jacksonville- The Jacksonville Jaguars have somehow managed to find themselves right in the thick of the AFC playoff picture. It is kind of mind-boggling that they are actually in the running, as they have played some of the worst games of the year. Still, they have managed to win when they had to and stay close enough to remain relative. This week is one of those weeks where Jacksonville will either prove they deserve it, or tank big time. My guess is that they will pull it out at home.

Winner – Jacksonville Jaguars

Detroit at Baltimore- Baltimore In a joke of the game.

Winner – Baltimore Ravens

Seattle at Houston- The Seattle Seahawks in the Houston Texans both had playoff aspirations when the season began, and now find themselves with little to no hope. I expect that the Texans will win this game simply because they have superior talent.

Winner – Houston Texans

Denver at Indianapolis- Indianapolis should be getting a whole lot more respect across the league and they are right now. This is an undefeated NFL football team as we head into week 14, yet few experts are actually picking them to win it all. Personally I believe that Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts will go to the Super Bowl this season. Denver however, is a team that I seem to run hot and cold with. Every time I write them off, they win a game that I feel they have no business winning. Could this possibly be another situation like that? Not a chance. The Colts win in a blowout.

Winner – Indianapolis Colts

Buffalo at Kansas City- This is a game that will be enjoyed by… no one. Kansas City simply because they are at home will win this game.

Winner – Kansas City Chiefs

Cincinnati at Minnesota- Finally the Cincinnati Bengals will face a legitimate Super Bowl contender. If the Bengals can find a way to beat Minnesota, and they will cement their place as a Super Bowl contender themselves. Unfortunately, Adrian Peterson may have something to say about that. The Vikings are incredibly tough at home, and Bret Farve knows how to win in December. I expect that the Bengals will make a good showing, but come up just short.

Winner – Minnesota Vikings

Carolina at New England- The Carolina Panthers finally benched Jake Delhomme, and suddenly found themselves in the win column. More importantly, they found themselves on the plus side of the turnover ratio. Carolina has lost games all year long simply on the back of Jake Delhomme throwing interceptions. If Matt Moore can play turnover free football, You just might get a shocker in New England. In my upset pick of the week, I see Carolina stuffing the ball down the Patriots throat by running the football.

Winner – Carolina Panthers

Washington at Oakland- Both of these teams performed well above expectations in week 13 of NFL football action. In what is expected to be one of the most boring games of the 2009 football season, the Washington Redskins will walk away with a win.

Winner – Washington Redskins

St. Louis at Tennessee- The Tennessee Titans did little to show that they were a fluke and a loss against Indianapolis last week. There is little reason to think that the Tennessee Titans will not whip the St. Louis Rams this week.

Winner – Tennessee Titans

San Diego at Dallas - The San Diego Chargers have peaked right towards the end of the NFL football season. Some San Diego fans are concerned that maybe they peaked too early. Dallas choked big Time in an important matchup against the New York Giants last week. This is a game that Dallas must win. Unfortunately, I think San Diego might have different ideas.

Winner – San Diego Chargers

Philadelphia at NY Giants- The New York Giants are doing all that they can to try to put themselves back into contention in the NFC East. The Philadelphia Eagles have other ideas, and find themselves in a perfect position to return to the playoffs again this year. I think that the Philadelphia Eagles will win the war, but the New York Giants will win this Battle.

Winner -New York Giants


Arizona at San Francisco- The Arizona Cardinals took a huge step in there win last week. If they take care of business as they should against San Francisco,They will find themselves in prime position to make another run in the playoffs. Somehow every season and Kurt Warner finds a way to put his team in prime position.

Winner – Arizona Cardinals

Tie breaker Score – Arizona Cardinals 28 San Francisco 49ers 17

Against the Spread Picks (winners in bold)

12/10 8:20 ET Pittsburgh -10 At Cleveland

12/13 1:00 ET At Indianapolis -7 Denver

12/13 1:00 ET At Minnesota -7 Cincinnati

12/13 1:00 ET NY Jets -3.5 At Tampa Bay

12/13 1:00 ET At Kansas City PK Buffalo

12/13 1:00 ET Green Bay -3 At Chicago

12/13 1:00 ET New Orleans -9.5 At Atlanta

12/13 1:00 ET At Baltimore -13 Detroit

12/13 1:00 ET At Jacksonville -3 Miami

12/13 1:00 ET At New England -13.5 Carolina

12/13 1:00 ET At Houston -6 Seattle

12/13 4:05 ET At Tennessee -13 St. Louis

12/13 4:05 ET Washington -1 At Oakland

12/13 4:15 ET At Dallas -3 San Diego

12/13 8:20 ET At NY Giants -1 Philadelphia

Monday Night Football Point Spread

12/14 8:35 ET Arizona -3 At San Francisco

Week Thirteen Straight Up – 9 – 7
Season Record Straight Up – 122 – 70

Week Thirteen Against the Spread – 4 – 12
Season Record Against the Spread – 14 – 18

Dec 032009

Okay already. I admit that I, like many other “NFL football experts” thought that the Saints would be mediocre this season. I knew that Brees would throw for 25,000 yds and so on, but I surely did not see this coming. Heading into their match up with the lowly Redskins, the Saints are a cool 11-0. That is perfect…undefeated…unmarred…Kingly…well…Perfect! The really amazing thing is they have done it with relative ease. They have had moments of weakness, such as the first half debacle against division rival Carolina. The weakness never hangs around very long though. They have adapted and overcome every obstacle….

Brees london 2008 300x225 New Orleans Saints   Can They Go Undefeated?

Photo Credited to Wikipedia User Aquamelli

Still, you have to wonder if they are going to actually do it. Can they run the slate? Can they go undefeated?

The simple answer is yes. Not only do I think they can do it, but I think that they will do it. Call me a bandwagoner if you wish, but the fact is I think they will win every regular season game.

Look at what is left:

  • Washington Redskins
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Tampa Bay Bucs
  • Carolina Panthers

There is only two real dangers on that list. The Cowboys and the Falcons could potentially give them problems. The Panthers possibly could, but likely they will be in rebuild mode with a young Matt Moore. As for the Bucs and the Skins, I would say those are near gimmies. I like Josh Freeman and the Bucs for down the road, but right now they are just not in the Saints class.

The Falcons should not be much of a problem, especially if Ryan and Turner are still ailing. They have tailed off considerably the second half of the season, and I expect that trend to continue. I just do not see them staying healthy enough to make a real run. Secondly, I think that Brees will torch their secondary which seems to be suffering from panic attacks lately.. (like he does everyone)

As for the Cowboys, it totally depends on which team shows up. The Cowboys are capable of being an explosive and dangerous team. If they are playing that way against the Saints, then the game will be a great one. I do think that the offense will win over the Cowboys though as well.

Who would have thought going into the season that we would be talking about the Saints going undefeated after eleven NFL football games? Certainly not me.

Dec 012009

peyton 300x233 2009 Week 13 NFL Picks and Predictions   Now With Spread Picks!

Peyton Manning

Welcome to NFL Picks and Predictions for Week 13 of NFL action. Last week was a fun one as we took on picking against the spread in addition to our normal weekly picks. In our first week of picking against the spread, we came out at 10-6. In our normal straight up picks we went a solid 11-5, and now are running a pretty darn respectable 113-63 on the season. As usual, we are picking it up as we head down the stretch run. Picking against the spread was so much fun, we have decided to make it a regular part of our weekly picks. As last week, the spread pick follows the straight up picks, and the winner is in bold. For those that do not have spreads yet, they are marked as “off”… When the spread is released we will come in and post that pick as well.

Without further ado, here are your week thirteen NFL picks and predictions, both straight up and against the spread….

NY Jets at Buffalo Since Buffalo opened up that offense they have looked like a different team. The Jets looked terrible in spite of the win over the Panthers. The defense is solid in NY, but I expect that the Bills will score enough to win.

Winner – Buffalo Bills

NY Jets -3 At Buffalo

Philadelphia at Atlanta This game would have been quite the showdown if the Falcons were not hurting so badly. They have a number of key injuries including Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. I expect that will be the opening that Philly needs to win.

Winner – Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia -5.5 At Atlanta

St. Louis at Chicago – The Bears finally are facing an opponent they should handle easily. Then again, if the great Jay Cutler does not get his arm together, they might just cough this one up. I expect they will handle the Rams with ease.

Winner – Chicago Bears

At Chicago -8.5 St. Louis

Detroit at Cincinnati – The Lions and the Bengals. Now this is a match up that should be fun to watch…..NOT! The Bengals will run all over them. Literally.

Winner – Cincinnati Bengals

At Cincinnati -13 Detroit

Oakland at Pittsburgh – The Steelers finally get the chance to avenge an early season loss to the Raiders. They also have their entire season on the line. I expect this one will be a blowout in a big way.

Winner – Pittsburgh Steelers

At Pittsburgh Off Oakland

Tennessee at Indianapolis - This game is getting a lot of press, and it should. The Titans are no pushovers anymore. Not only are they winning, but they really seem to believe in themselves. I still like Peyton Manning to overcome the game Titans, but it will be no cakewalk. The Colts will cover the spread however.

Winner – Indianapolis Colts

At Indianapolis -7 Tennessee

Denver at Kansas City – This game is scary for Bronco fans. We all know how tough the Chiefs can be at home. Still, the Broncos are going to win due to a solid defense. I think they will also cover the spread, but not by very much.

Winner – Denver Broncos

Denver -4.5 At Kansas City

New England at Miami – The Patriots are going to take out some frustrations here.

Winner – New England Patriots

New England -5 At Miami

New Orleans at Washington – After the way Brees took apart the Patriots, I am wondering now if the Saints really might just run the table. They have little more than a speed bump this week, and then we will see the Saints go for some serious records.

Winner – New Orleans Saints

New Orleans -9 At Washington

Tampa Bay at Carolina - From the who cares pile, the Panthers finally change quarterbacks and win one. They will win the game, but not cover the spread.

Winner – Carolina Panthers

At Carolina -6 Tampa Bay

Houston at Jacksonville – Houston has to be feeling down this week, but the Jaguars looked so horrible last week it should not matter. This Texan’s squad is a tough out for anyone, and should handle the Jags this week.

Winner – Houston Texans

At Jacksonville PK Houston

San Diego at Cleveland - The Chargers will kill them. The end.

Winner – San Diego Chargers

San Diego -13 At Cleveland

Dallas at NY Giants – This game is one in which the Giants simply have to win. With key injuries and Dallas on a roll, I just do not see it happening. I see Dallas walked away with this one and the NFC East.

Winner – Dallas Cowboys

Dallas -2 At NY Giants

San Francisco at Seattle - The Niners simply will not go away. They might be priming for a little late season magic, and this game will determine if that is possible. I expect Singletary to have them primed and ready. Look for big day from Crabtree.

Winner – San Francisco 49ers

At Seattle PK San Francisco

Minnesota at Arizona – The Vikings are set for a huge year, and Favre has shut up the detractors. Arizona could give Minnesota trouble, but I think that the Vikings will keep rolling. Expect big things this week from Adrian Peterson.

Winner – Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Off At Arizona


Baltimore at Green Bay The Packers are set to make a run, and the Ravens are one hell of a roadblock. Still, the Pack will pull it out.

Prediction tiebreaker – Green Bay 28 Baltimore 17

Winner – Green Bay Packers

At Green Bay -3 Baltimore

Week Twelve Straight Up – 11 – 5
Season Record Straight Up – 113 – 63

Week Twelve Against the Spread – 10 – 6
Season Record Against the Spread – 10 – 6

Nov 242009

here we are in week 12 of NFL football action and I couldn’t be more stoked. All the NFL teams seem to be hitting their stride, and we here at NFL picks and predictions are as well. Last week we had a season best 12 and four record, and this week we plan to do even better. NFL picks and predictions has been getting a lot of requests for picking against the spread. We realize that many of your NFL office pools are set up with the spread, so this week we will offer that as well. The column will be the same as usual except that the spread pick winner will be placed after the straight up winner. The NFL football team that we think will win the spread will be highlighted in bold. Now on to the week 12 NFL picks and predictions:

Green Bay at Detroit – Detroit has to be feeling pretty good about their big win over the Cleveland Browns. Unfortunately that will not be enough to overcome Aaron Rodgers and that Green Bay offense.

Winner – Green Bay Packers

Green Bay -10.5 At Detroit

Oakland at Dallas – the Raiders are up and then they’re down. The same can be said for the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas will be up a little bit more.

Winner – Dallas Cowboys

At Dallas -13.5 Oakland

NY Giants at Denver – the New York Giants seem to have recovered while the Denver Broncos are crashing big-time. This game will be close but the Giants will win in the end.

Winner – New York Giants

NY Giants -6.5 At Denver


Tampa Bay at Atlanta – Atlanta is due for a good game and I expect that Tampa is ripe for the picking. While I love Tampa’s new young quarterback, I still think that Atlanta will make some noise before the season is over.

Winner – Atlanta Falcons

At Atlanta -12 Tampa Bay

Miami at Buffalo – Ricky Williams showed that he is more than capable of carrying the Miami offense against a stout Carolina Panthers squad. Buffalo will offer little resistance.

Winner – Miami Dolphins

Miami -3 At Buffalo

Cleveland at Cincinnati – the Bengals and the Browns are always entertaining. This game should be no different, but I expect the Bengals to win with ease.

Winner – Cincinnati Bengals

At Cincinnati -14 Cleveland

Seattle at St. Louis – the Seattle Seahawks need to win desperately just to save a little bit of face. The Rams have now lost Marc Bulger for the season, though I’m still not sure if that is good or bad news. I expect that the Seahawks will win this game going away.

Winner – Seattle Seahawks

Seattle -3 At St. Louis

Carolina at NY Jets – The Carolina Panthers are a team that can play with anyone in the NFL when they have their head on straight. They have been winning every other week, and this is due to be there win week. Expect the Panthers to run the ball all day long.

Winner – Carolina Panthers

At NY Jets -3 Carolina

Washington at Philadelphia – the Philadelphia Eagles should stomp all over the Washington Redskins in Philly. One cannot help but wonder why Michael Vick is not being used more. Perhaps this is the week that we find out.

Winner – Philadelphia Eagles

At Philadelphia -9 Washington

Indianapolis at Houston – in what many have thought to be the biggest game of Houston’s season, the Colts will show that they are still far and away the dominant team.

Winner – Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis -3.5 At Houston

Kansas City at San Diego – San Diego is on a roll. While Kansas City’s win over Pittsburgh was highly impressive, they have no chance against the Chargers at home.

Winner – San Diego Chargers

At San Diego -13.5 Kansas City

Jacksonville at San Francisco - Jacksonville actually made me very happy by finally winning a game in which I pick them. They made me so happy in fact, that I’m picking them again.

Winner – Jacksonville Jaguars

At San Francisco -3 Jacksonville

Chicago at Minnesota – Chicago has turned the game into a yawner by being unable to win the games they should. Minnesota just might be the best team in the NFL right now.

Winner – Minnesota Vikings

At Minnesota -10.5 Chicago

Arizona at Tennessee -Tennessee has got to be feeling pretty psyched about their resurgent quarterback. This young has risen from the ashes and led the Titans to four straight wins. Make it five.

Winner – Tennessee Titans

At Tennessee -1.5 Arizona

Pittsburgh at Baltimore – Pittsburgh has shown over the years that they will not stay down for long. I expect that they will come into Baltimore ready to play.

Winner – Pittsburgh Steelers

At Baltimore -2.5 Pittsburgh


New England at New Orleans – the New Orleans Saints will finally get the chance to show the entire world that they are for real. What better way to do so than to defeat the mighty New England Patriots?

Winner – New Orleans Saints

At New Orleans -3 New England

Tiebreaker New England 28 New Orleans 32

Week Eleven Record – 12 – 4

Season Record – 102 – 58

Nov 222009

Of all the running back videos I have surfed on youTube, these are the best of the best. Just thought you might like to see this compilation all in one place here on NFL picks and Be sure to subscribe to us so you can get these updates quickly and easily. Here they are: The greatest running back videos on youTube!

Nov 172009

pdtombrady 241x300 Week 11 NFL Picks and Predictions   Playoffs Looming

Can Brady Bring the Pats Back this week?

With the playoffs not that far away, teams are starting to really jostle for position. This week has some marquee match ups for our football pleasure, and we feel very good about a huge week of picks. Please feel free to argue my picks in the comments section, as I like to hear what you think. Matter of fact, feel free to praise me as well. That is always welcome. Regardless, here are your NFL picks and predictions for week 11 of NFL football action:


Miami at Carolina
I am still adjusting to this whole Thursday night thing; at least this week we have a match up that I care about. The resurgent Carolina Panthers are ready to rumble, and the Dolphins might just be in trouble. With Ronnie Brown out, I expect that the Dolphins will struggle a bit. Not only that…The Panthers defense should have something to say about it. Ron Meeks took some time to get it right, but now that he has that new system in place, the Panthers are stout. This game may be close, but I see the Panthers clearly winning.

Winner – Carolina Panthers


Washington at Dallas
The Dallas Cowboys are a team that nobody can seem to figure out including me. I was on board as much as anybody after that nice run leading up to week 10. Then the Packers basically slapped them in the mouth, and then laughed about it. If the Cowboys are going to be serious about any real run, they have to find that consistency button more than three weeks at a time. You hear that Tony Romo? They still beat up on Washington.

Winner – Dallas Cowboys

Cleveland at Detroit
I am picking Detroit if for no other reason than because they can score. Cleveland is really bad….

Winner – Detroit Lions

San Francisco at Green Bay
Battle of the Bays should be fun. I see a high scoring affair with the Packers winning simply because it is in Lambeau. I can not see the Niners going into Lambeau and winning against these Packers. Not this year anyway. The Packers had better get it together quick if they have any hopes of getting a playoff spot. Maybe their run starts here.

Winner – Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh at Kansas City
The Steelers are going to be very angry and the Chiefs are simply in the way. Woe to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Winner – Pittsburgh Steelers

Atlanta at NY Giants
So can the Giants right that ship in time? I think that they will still be on the short end of the stick in the long run, but they begin to get things together this week. They have had a week to think about it. I imagine that they will show up pretty strong this week, and the timing is kind of bad for the Falcons.

Winner – New York Giants

New Orleans at Tampa Bay
The Saints have looked quite vulnerable now for two weeks in a row. The Bucs have suddenly found a quarterback, and have been strong the last two weeks. Upset? Nah… The situation is not right and the Saints are too good to let that happen this week. It is coming, but not this week.

Winner – New Orleans Saints

Buffalo at Jacksonville
In a game where I could honestly care less, the Jaguars should pull out a win. They somehow find a way to lose every time I pick them. Hopefully, that won’t be the case this week.

Winner – Jacksonville Jaguars

Indianapolis at Baltimore
The Colts pulled out the miracle of miracles against the Pats last week (with an assist from Belichick) and should be in a great place mentally this week. I expect they will beat the Ravens handily, and cement that home field advantage in the process.

Winner – Indianapolis Colts

Seattle at Minnesota
Minnesota wins this one in a blowout. Adrian Peterson is finally looking like he is in form, and Favre has developed quite a list of toys in Viking land. This game will not be close.

Winner – Minnesota Vikings

Arizona at St. Louis
This game on the surface looks like a blowout for Arizona, but I came terribly close to picking St. Louis in an upset. (okay so not terribly close…I thought about it) St. Louis does have a running game, and the Cardinals have a hard time with that lately. They will win the game, but the Cardinals might have more trouble with the Rams than one would expect.

Winner – Arizona Cardinals

NY Jets at New England
The Jets face the the Patriots at a very bad time. Goodbye Jets.

Winner – New England Patriots

Cincinnati at Oakland
The Bengals, fresh off the signing of Larry Johnson, head into the Raiders den. They then proceed to stomp on the Raiders as Jamarcus throws for -28 yds in the loss.

Winner – Cincinnati Bengals

San Diego at Denver
The Chargers are doing their annual “peak at the right time until it is in the playoffs” thing and the Broncos are sliding fast. I expect the trend to continue.

Winner – San Diego Chargers

Philadelphia at Chicago
The Eagles are yet another team that has no consistency whatsoever. They are up then down. This week, they are up. (it is in prime time)

Winner – Philadelphia Eagles


Tennessee at Houston
This game showcases two teams that are in similar places. They are talented, underrated and both have more talent then they know how to use. It is a toss up, but I say the Texans finally win a huge game for their franchise. They might just make the playoffs this year. Vince Young finally loses in his return to the big stage.

Winner – Houston Texans

Tiebreaker Score – Houston 27 Tennessee 21

Week 10 Record – 8 -7

Season Record – 90 – 54

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